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WARNING: Read Our Full My Home Wealth System and Home Jobs Report Before Purchasing Any Make Money Opportunity!”

Looking for a legitimate and proven home jobs and make money opportunities? You’ve come to the right place. Read our free report below and discover how you can save your hard earned cash from make money scams.

signatureFrom: Melissa Davis
(Full Time Work At Home Mom)
About: Make Money and Home Job Opportunities

It’s true. There are viable and proven methods for earning real money online. However, there are so many home jobs and make money opportunities sites making outrageous claims it’s hard to know which ones are real and which ones are outright scams.

Over the past 4 years I have tried countless programs and so called “get rich quick” schemes and I got sick and tired of being scammed!

So in an effort to find real legitimate opportunities I contacted the top 50 work at home programs pretending to be an investor who wanted to purchase their company. You wouldn’t believe it but most of them actually gave me full access to their sites…

And you will be completely shocked at what I found:

Overall I rated 92.5% of the top 50 sites I reviewed as total scams and I went ahead and reported them to the Better Business Bureau to hopefully prevent them from scamming other people in the future.

However, I did find some diamonds in the rough. These were real legitimate opportunities and it’s possible to start earning money with some of them from the very first day!

Everything else, I would just ignore otherwise your chances of being scammed are very high.

Before I go any further I would just like to point out that I do not own any of the products that I am reviewing.

This report has been put together so ordinary people like me and you can find ways to make money online without the worry of being ripped off or scammed.

The top make money site My Home Wealth System contained a simple step-by-system for making money online within 30 minutes of reading the instructions. At first I was sceptical. However, after speaking to the owner of the site a Mr. Scott Davenport I quickly realised that this was a legitimate opportunity that was being run correctly.

So I decided to test it out and although I didn't make money within 30 minutes, I was able to start making money by the 2nd day of implementing his Home Wealth System.

The other top make money sites contain more time consuming ways to make money online, but after putting them to the test I realised that they offer you more long term opportunities for making money online.

I also contacted the website owners and support staff to determine their quality of service as well as their money back guarantee. I have verified that these companies are legitimate. They honour their guarantee and refunds promptly if requested.

Just so you can understand the potential of these sites, in one week’s worth of testing I earned a combined earnings of...

$844.57 PROFIT as well as receiving a FREE Website worth $197!

Some of these sites require a small one-time fee as opposed to a recurring fee charged by some of the scam sites I reviewed. I found the sites that charged a recurring fee never updated their member’s areas with new opportunities. All they were trying to do was scam me out of more money. Needless to say I cancelled the direct debits with my bank.

The legitimate make money sites listed below actually have dedicated staff that continuously search for new opportunities and regularly update their member’s area and you will NEVER have to pay any additional fees.

Below is a list of the very best make money opportunities out of the top 50 that I reviewed, please take your time to read through each review so you can find the opportunity that will be best for you.

#1 My Home Wealth System

My Home Wealth System ReviewMy Home Wealth System is without a doubt the make money opportunity The creator of the program Scott Davenport provides you with top-notch information that cuts right through the fluff to deliver a straight forward system that is proven to make money online.

After going through the program the first time, I realised the creator of the program, has very extensive knowledge on how to make money on the internet. His system is very streamlined as compared to the other programs that I tested. The program doesn't waste time talking about unnecessary technical stuff but goes straight into the important details and guides you step-by-step on exactly how to set it all up.

Scott was responsible for making 2 millionaires in 2007 earning him the title "Young Entrepreneur 2007" his home wealth system received much praise as it catered for everyone from complete beginners to people seeking to start their own home business.

Scott sets you up with your very own free 100% automated website which you need no experience or technical skills to run. And the best part is your websites will be setup to start taking payments instantly and you get paid 100% of sale amounts straight into your bank account through PayPal.

The whole method is really simple-to-follow and is extremely clever as it requires no skills.

It’s so easy to start using, and you can start earning money within 24 hours of signing up. Scott and his team want to keep a high standard for his system so they are giving access to only a limited number of people, so my advice would be to sign up while there are still spaces.

Recently, he just added a few new bonus features that are really useful for beginners like us. The first is a ‘Limited Time Offer’. Scott is giving away two Award Winning Books 'Make Money With Yahoo' and 'Make Money With eBay'. These bonuses alone are worth over $100 but right now they are completely free, to all new members. My guess is that they won't be free for too long and they will probably be taken down very soon.

Let's face it the bonuses that Scott is giving to you for FREE are better than most of the programs I reviewed.

The program was originally priced at $199.95 but sometimes Scott has special offers. We bought our package at $147 and thought it was a complete steal.

Main Benefits of My Home Wealth System:

  • Simple and Proven System
  • Easy for beginners
  • Very low cost to get your business online

*Notice* - I have just checked the My Home Wealth System website and noticed that Scott Davenport is opening up 300 places for just $49.95!

I'm sure these places will go fast so I would get in there now before the offer closes.

Click Here To Visit My Home Wealth System


#2 Automated Wealth Package

If you are someone that keeps a close eye on the news then you may have seen Quick Cash Kit on CNN, MSN or CNBC – The Automated Wealth Package is growing quickly as thousands of new members sign up each week. This is one of the most straight forward programs on the internet - designed to make you as much money as possible, in as little time as is possible.

The Automated Wealth Package is normally my #1 pick for best work from home program but when there’s positions remaining for that is my number #1 choice.

When you visit the Automated Wealth Package website you may notice it lacking some details, that’s because they won’t release any details on the program until you enter your initial details on the homepage. The Automated Wealth Package is truly a close guarded secret, you won’t see it advertised in many places but you may find it on review sites like ours.

If you are looking for a quick way to earn some extra cash, the Automated Wealth Package is a must try!

Main Benefits of Automated Wealth Package:

  • Quick and Easy to Get Started
  • Well Known Program
  • Unlimited Earning Potential


#3 Elite Wealth Package

Although, the Elite Wealth Package website looks a little basic, don’t let that put you off! This is a proven and legitimate system for making money online.

I've receive many glowing reviews for Elite Wealth Package and its author James Knight, and it truly is a great system which can work for anybody.

There are lots (and lots) of information in this program and it is all broken down nicely into an easy to follow week-by-week plan. This means you avoid suffering from information overload!

The Elite Wealth Package is ideal for people who are serious about creating a secure profitable business from home. Join James Knight and you will be treated to video training sessions, that within your first month of implementing his strategies you can be earning a full time salary.

To say that I was impressed by James Knight’s effort to help people just like you, to make real money online would be an understatement.

The incredible thing about his system is once you have created your website, your ads will become 100% automated, that means your earnings are 100% automated too!

I personally love the Elite Wealth Package here and highly recommend this fool proof system to anybody who’s ready to put a few hours a day into a proven system and to start making money online.

Main Benefits of Elite Wealth Package:

  • Automated System and Tools
  • Weekly Plan To Guide You
  • Video Tutorials


Well, there you have it the top make money online programs. I plan to do another full-scale evaluation in 180 days and I will update this website with any new findings, so remember to check back at a later date.

If you want to make some real money online then My Home Wealth System is certainly the one to go for.

However, if you want to build an online business with Multiple Streams of Income I would suggest buying membership to more than one of the programs listed above.

Imagine if you were to make just £$1,000 per month per program. It doesn’t sound a like much but when you add it together it really is. $1,000 x 3 x 12 = $36,000 a year!

Yes, that’s right $36,000 per year and it is likely that you will earn a lot more than that because the incomes should build up over time.

So that’s it! We hope the information we provide helps you achieve your financial dreams, keeps your money from being stolen by make money scams, and enables you to live the life you truly desire!

Final say…

Since I announced my top make money online programs, many people have been sending me success stories almost daily (you can read some of them on the right hand side of the page). I want you to know I’ve been personally enjoying reading them all and I’m responding back to as many as I could. This is what inspires me most to continue my work for you, and I’m now asking for all success stories to be sent to me directly, at I can’t wait to read yours!


Melissa Davis

P.S. Over the past week people have been asking me for more proof that My Home Wealth System actually works, so I decided to add a few links below to other review sites that also recommend the My Home Wealth System so you have a little more information to look at before making a decision of whether or not the program is for you:

P.P.S. If you just want to make money online without building an online business then you might want to take a look at this automated push button software... read all about it at 1 Click Cash Bot Reviews

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